Winds of Fate II – Upper Base Weekly Adjustments

To cut the long story short, NCsoft is nerfing the guards/mobs difficulty level, as well as increasing the rewards you can get from the weeklies. They cited their reason as guards/mobs doing too much damage for the average player to cope (and obviously, this spells even more disaster when PVP occurs midway).

Previously, they were elite mobs with a 1-star difficulty rating. As of now, they will be non-elite mobs; 3-star difficulty for Asteria/Roah and 5-star difficulty for the inner area.

Upper Abyss weeklies now give out Bloodmark insignias as rewards too. Previously, they were only available via campaign quests, world boss quests and PVP dailies/weeklies. You can net 32 Bloodmark insignias every week from this batch of weeklies alone.

P.S – the 60 refers to the contribution points for the faction incentive system. 

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