Winds of Fate II – Marchutan/Kaisinel Protector Set Quest (Summarized Version)

I mentioned previously that I wasn’t going to attempt translation on this yet because Korea kept altering the quest lines (bug fixing and nerfs). The changes are stabilized now; so while I work on the actual quest line, you can use the summarized version to at least get an idea of what you might be in for.

Pre-Requisite Campaigns

You will have to clear TWO new campaigns before the quest line opens up to you. And even before that, you will have to clear ALL your Enshar and Cygnea campaigns before the new campaigns can be accessed. 

So get started now if you haven’t, they’re relatively easy and can be done within a day.

The quest line is repeatable, however, when you’re doing them for the first time, you will have to follow them in a strict order.

Shoes > Gloves > Shoulders > Pants > Chest > Weapon > Title

*Title quest is a one-time clear quest

1. Shoes Quest Line

If you haven’t began familiarizing yourself with the hidden transports and rifts entrances/exits within Enshar and Cygnea, now would be the best time to do so. 

There will be NPCs scattered in a variety of locations in Enshar, Cygnea, Kaldor, Levinshor and Upper Abyss. You will have to find them and engage in hunting quests, some of which requiring you to cross over to the opposing faction zone.

The NPCs themselves may also prove a challenge to reach as some of them are not in a direct accessible area (eg. you’ll need to jump off a high rock to glide to where they are).

2. Gloves Quest Line

I hope you have lots of friends, and of the blender variety. 

You will be tasked a mindless hunting quest in Kaldor, Levinshor and Gelkmaros or Inggison. It’s not impossible to solo, but it will be faster and safer as a group, especially because the mobs you’re required to kill in Gelkmaros/Inggison are elite mobs.

3. Shoulders Quest Line

A relatively relaxed portion out of the rest as it requires your toon to stay in Pernon or Oriel to do gathering and hunting. You will need at least 400p and higher in your Essencetapping for the gathering part.

The hunting part requires you to hunt down Agrints that spawn at a certain timing (these agrints are DIFFERENT from the seasonal ones in-game).

4. Pants Quest Line 

Intense crafting and RNG for this part, while you’re given the freedom of doing this on any craft, you will need at least 400p and higher in said craft. Some minor hunting quest at the Upper Abyss inner area to end this quest line.

5. Chest Quest Line

A mixture of gathering and hunting quests, you will need at least 400p and higher in your Essencetapping for the gathering part; you will need to purchase a special item from the NPC to gather from these quest nodes (they cost about 1,100 kinah). The quest item spawns in certain end game instances, and the hunting quests require you to kill mobs in a specified area around Kaldor for quest drops.

6. Weapon Quest Line

This is a also mixture of gathering and hunting quests. You will need at least 200p and higher in your Aethertapping for the gathering part. Lots of final boss slaying required for the hunting part, I hope you have great friends or a decent static. 

7. Title Quest Line

Thankfully, this one is just a walk in the park. Spend between 9,000,000 to 11,000,000 kinah (prices fluctuate based on Influence Ratio) on a quest item from Pandemonium/Sanctum and a simple turn-in.

The title awards the following stats:

HP +200
Movement Speed +4%
Attack/Cast Speed +2%

The shoes portion of the quest is slightly different (in regards to NPC/mob hunting locations) for Asmos and Elyos, so I will be covering them twice at a later date.

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