I have been putting this off because I don’t want to seem like a gearhead epeener.  (because I’m not lol) but people have asked so I also don’t want to NOT reply.  Also I’m lazy when it comes to posts I know will be long lol.

My initial philosphy on gear is to try and get something good and pimp it out, but continue to play the game the way you’ll enjoy it.  Keep in mind I’ve been playing for years and so I never had to rush to get gear, it progressed over time.  Don’t feel like you need to have all of this right away

My suggestion is choose the classes you have the most trouble fighting and make sets to counter them.  If you prefer PVE, work on an HP set.  Work on a pve Mboost set.  Do whatever is going to make the game the most fun for you.

For me, I don’t like relying on RNG in instances for my pve gear so most of the time I won’t run instances for the sake of getting geared.  My PVE boost set is a mixture of chanter. aethertech and cleric mythics from various instances. my accesories I crafted or got in events.  

Some of my weapons I got from weapon boxes during events.  Spamming an instance praying for ONE or two specific piece of gear isn’t fun to me.  With the exception of Rentus because I think the Msupp set will be cool to have and I enjoy the pvp of getting to the instance.

So here is my gear, the details of how I got it and any other tidbits I want to share.

* Note – If you’re looking for the perfect optimal cleric armor, you’re going to be disappointed, as like I said, I take what I get and use it.  I am aware my stats could be better if I only used X, Y or  Z but frankly I’m not terribly concerned with that.  I will take your donations of gear and kinah if you’re deeply offended by something I am using 😉

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