this is not what i had in mind when I said I’d dual you @shkoofi so mean you guys killed me and my friends

I swear! I didn’t know it was you.

that’s what they all say :p then again I suppose you’re support so you didn’t actually kill me (just made a alliance of asmos chase my butt)

Nonono.. We were going to is and then saw little red diamonds of sparkly fun up ahead ~_~

(blah I messed up blogs lol)

and no sparkly fun .-. more like endless death I’ll just blame lag and our shitty cleric that let me die when I was gonna tank IS…besides even if you knew it was me you would have killed me 😦

….and then for round 2 we run into noto and friends -_-

gimme love not death meanie :p

OMG!! I missed out on meany PvP time!! Again?!?! Whyyyyyyy!!!!

no no no not “Meany” as in the cleric lol

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