65 Mythic Daevic Set


OK, so I reblogged the shoes quests before.  Today I ran across this post on the Aion forums that outlined everything nicely.  I’m still working on my shoes, so it’ll be a while before I write everything up and include my own screenshots.  In the meantime, use Azsurance’s posts as a guide!

NOTE: First and foremost, you MUST complete the new Cygnea / Enshar campaign that sends you to Drakenspire Depths before you can start on the questline for the new mythic Daevanian gear.

Quests are in this order: Shoes > Gloves > Shoulders > Pants > Chest > Weapon / Title.  When you finish the whole set (including weapon), the quests become repeatable.



I can share one thing with y’all … this is my map of Conquest Offering mobs I’ve found in Gelk so far.  Hope this is helpful!

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