High Daeva: Successor of Eternity – 아스테라

아스테라, the new zone belonging to the Elyos. It’s location is situated near the base of the shattered Tower of Eternity (you can see this location marked east of Sanctum and north of Theobomos in the current maps).

If 노스폴드 was considered the night-light, 아스테라 would be the equivalent of a sun lamp. This new zone is probably one of the things finally done right about the Elyos. Not only is the entire place intensely radiant, but it’s also overflowing with beauty (almost on par to the likes of unpolluted Brusthonin).

An added feature of the new zones is that the environment is very interactive to the different times of the day. Not only does the music change, certain mobs will spawn/despawn (much like Pokemon) and so will some landmarks (I don’t any references for the Elyos, sorry).

The transports in the new zones are usable by both factions.

Source – [X]

omg pretty area for elyos….say whaaaaaat o.o

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