Zodiac Signs: I’m Scared So I



Aries: I’m scared they won’t hear me So I scream louder

Taurus: I’m scared they need more So I’m giving my all

Gemini: I’m scared they won’t like me So I become another

Cancer: I’m scared they will leave me So I don’t let them in

Leo: I’m scared they’ll forget me So I keep reminding them I’m here

Virgo: I’m scared they‘ll find better So I keep being the best

Libra: I’m scared of their opinions So I silenced mine

Scorpio: I’m scared they will hurt me So I won’t let them know me

Sagittarius: I’m scared they will lock me So I keep running away

Capricorn: I’m scared they won’t be satisfied So I never rest

Aquarius: I’m scared they’ll make me one of them So I’m staying outside

Pisces: I’m scared they’ll devour me So I devour myself

Wow this shot me in the fucking heart

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