My Blade & Soul Summoner 😻😻
It’s funny when you look at the pvp chat and a lot of people get real real salty about Assassins and Summoners in pvp. >_> I read the pvp chat last night and someone said “all Summoner players need to die” LOL. The saltiness is real. But as an Assassin, Summoners can get annoying to me, too.
#bladeandsoul #bladeandsouloutfit #bns #summoner #Lynn #bladeandsoullynn #cat #mmorpg #ncsoft

My guild leader hated being an assassin in pvp, so much so he bailed on 30 levels of progression to roll a different character.

I haven’t done loads of pvp but I’ve only lost a full match to one person; force master. I imagine it’s the same kind of frustration people get from going against me (summoner) because she just froze me in place immediately and since the game has no breakfree’s I basically just stayed in one place and got destroyed :K

The other time I got close to loosing was a tie round with an assassin. 

TBH I went against a whole range of classes and none of them where easy to go against, there are really good players man like whoa.

every class can be a pain to pvp against and it depends on your playstyle what class is the best for you in pvp…but in the end it’s a game and games are there to have fun 🙂

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