The Blade & Soul Network is now open!

This network is dedicated to bringing the players of Blade & Soul together and showcasing their works (edits, videos, fanart ect.) It will be a great place to find friends and blogs to follow, as well as get updates on the game as the devs release them.

To apply please do the following:

✦  Reblog this post

✦  Follow the blog

✦  Track the tag #bnsnet

✦  Add a link to this blog on your own somewhere – to get the word out

✦  Fill out this form

Perks of becoming a member include:

✦  Gaining friends / followers

✦  Ability to submit posts to the blog

✦  All your BnS related posts will be reblogged! 

✦  Be part of the member page

✦  [Eventually] Become a part of the network Discord chat and join the clan

Even if you just reblog posts, you are more than welcome to join!

You can also apply to be an Admin to keep this blog active! Please read this over carefully before contacting Admin K 

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