Aion 5.0 – Preparation List

This post is meant to help, although I can imagine the aftermath of soaring prices soon after and I apologize for that in advance.

1. Ancient Coins

This is probably the #1 most valuable item seeing as how it’s heavily depended on for purchasing the new stash of morphing recipes, as well as the soul-bound reversal item. It may also serve as a material for certain recipes.

Depending on what you want, you may not need to hoard a lot of ancient coins. The individual recipes don’t go beyond 80+ cost, although I know of a Korean friend on NA who probably has horded a truckload of ancient coins by now.

2. Ancient Coin Equipment

For players who currently own the set, yes they will be outclassed in 5.0 but I hope you haven’t tossed them for scrap yet. In order to upgrade into mythic versions, you will still require the eternal versions as materials.

3. Plastic Surgery Ticket

For obvious reasons, this item is on par with ancient coins for demand. Also, NCsoft will not be giving out free plastic surgery tickets, so don’t expect one to just fall into your lap.

4. Tea of Repose

These items are reasonably priced and low in demand on the broker (at the time of this post). But expect them to disappear or soar in price because leveling will be everything in 5.0. You won’t be able to attain 100% Energy of Repose once you hit level 66 and higher*, so you will have to rely on these, especially if your region doesn’t intend to release leveling boost events.

I’m also half-expecting the paid EXP buffs to remain Korea exclusive.

*Repose is stackable with the new Growth buff high daevas get, if you needed that extra oomph in EXP gain

5. Tempering Solution

Like most items, these will be rabid in price and demand come 5.0, mainly due to plume changes. You will also need 10 tempering solutions to upgrade the +10 normal plume into an enhanced plume.

6. Enchantment Stones (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon)

All enchantment stones (save for omega stones) will be retired indefinitely as of 5.0. They will still be usable, similar to the phased out LX enchantment stones, however their sources will be halted.

The game will however, allow you to convert the old enchantment stones into the upgrade stone powders, which can be refined into the new standard upgrade stones when you amass 1000 of them.

7. Extra Copies of Level 65 PVE Equipment

Most end game level 65 PVE equipment (namely wings) can be upgraded into enhanced versions. So it doesn’t hurt to keep extra copies lying around, especially if you intend to enchant them.

(eg. Beritra’s Phantom Wings)

They will become high daeva tier items when you upgrade them, and like all high daeva items, the item will be destroyed upon enchant failure.

8. Purified Essence

Not that these items will see massive usage in 5.0, but expect them to be scarce because players most likely will not burn EXP to convert them.

9. Fire Temple

At first glance, it’s odd that this instance will show up in this list, however with very good reasons. As of the current patch, it may be your most efficient method of hording fabled weapon drops to be converted into upgrade stone powders at 5.0 launch.

Of course, you will need an alt to ensure that Kromede drops the weapons.

P.S – attached image is just for placeholder purposes.

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