Some people just get too full of themselves when they are from the same server as you in arena, and they win. Please grow up, it’s a game and if you feel the necessity to boast about your victory to your opponent, then you must be a very sad and lonely person.

I’ve gotten so many of these messages when they themselves didn’t even win by skill, just simply by luck of proccing something or taking a relic more than me. It’s getting old now guys.

damn the last time I had someone in arena from my server I was on my nooby sw which I don’t know how to pvp on, needless to say I didn’t really put up a fight, so I get out of arena, and the sorc (aka the one I was in arena with) is like “why didn’t you fight? :(” after I told them I was a noob they proceeded to tell me that fighting sorcs wasn’t that bad and that I would have been fine..

generally I can’t remember a person bitching at me for whatever happened in arena, not even for being in support spec as cleric and winning by rooting and collecting relics

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