BDO ~Croxus Tumblr Meeting 10/07!





So here it is! 

Sunday 7 July meeting with wonderful tumblr people!

The meeting with take place in Olvia  (click to see the location ont he map) at 19:00pm CEST. I’ll make a sign board or something so you can find the place spotted on the map! It will be near the north stable! o/

Less crowded town, for people who lag! *caugh*

Channel: Serendia C2

Bring your horses, and your friends!

Since it is going to be in Olvia, people who want to participaare but are on different servers, could just create a new character and join if they want to!

Reblog so everyone can be see!

Can’t wait to meet all of you! xx


*timezone added*

19:00pm CEST timezone! 🙂

reblogging this again because today is the day! in 7 hours 40 minutes! ヽ/❀o ل͜ oノ

YESSS! o/ can’t wait to see ya all~ 

aww *sad* i missed it 😦 havent been able to log on bdo for ages cause of my potato pc >.<

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