Resurrection of The Dragon Lord – Panesterra & Ahserion’s Flight Changes

In the light of the new level 80 Ahserion equipment, there are some updates made to Panesterra and Ahserion’s Flight.

If I had not mentioned this previously, Panesterra and Ahserion’s Flight are now only available to high daevas, level 66 and above

The level 65 Ahserion equipment have been retired from the loot table and will no longer drop. In it’s place however, will be the level 80 Ahserion equipment. The loot table has also been updated to accommodate the current playerbase, namely:

1. Spinel Medal
2. Estima
3. +6 Expanded Stat Manastone

There are no changes done to the GP rewards. Although it was not specifically mentioned, it’s highly likely that Ahserion’s levels will be adjusted as well. Panesterra field content has also been removed, only functional NPCs will remain in the fortress interior.

I’ll be leaving out Korea specific changes so as not to confuse people (there were stuff about server benefits based on their performance rankings).

Goodbye Gustafi and Sharp Taipaum 😦

goodbye who? o.o

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