Donald Trump has come under fire from many people for suggesting American troops in Iraq stole money. Now one of those vets who actually handled the money, Corbin Reiff, is speaking out. Trump recent screw ups have begun to take their toll on his popularity and poll numbers.

everyone needs to read this. This is not a man you want running this country. He doesn’t have mentallity to run this country.

What’s really disgusting is that he dares to pin the loss of millions on the troops on the ground who were getting attacked when we all know it was the contractors who never saw a second of war who “misplaced” that money. How dare he attack 21 year olds in over their head and under fire when he was probably laughing with the billionaires over how much they were pocketing because they were businessmen like him, making it big while screwing over everyone below them, including the US government and taxpayers and folks like Corbin Reiff.

The US did lose millions during the Iraq war, but not into the pockets of millennials on the ground under fire, and Trump knows that. They’re just easier to attack.

I have conservative relatives, they’re the kind that will be sure and vote for their person to spite you if you tell them they have to vote one way or the other, or if they think you’re judging their moral position, but if you show them something like this, one of the classes of people that need supporting (the kids, the troops, etc) being wronged by those politicians and policies, well…

It gives them doubts. These doubts probably won’t make them vote Hillary, but it might make them vote libertarian to protest, or it might decrease their enthusiasm to the point that they might not bother fighting the poll lines. Don’t even try to push them toward voting for Hillary, just show them that Trump doesn’t represent the ideals that they believe they’re supporting by voting Republican.

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