Tumblr is actively shadowbanning visual artists

disteal: fahara-thevoo: lordtypos: bitty-fluff: reblog-mania: awthredestim: junk-reblogs: johnlockismyreligion: Yes, it is.They stated that no account will be deleted, only adult contents will be oscured and and made private.But it’s not what is happening. Tumblr is shadowbanning all visual artists, no matter if they have NSFW or SFW material on their blogs. And this is mainly damaging … Continue reading Tumblr is actively shadowbanning visual artists

maxofs2d: agmemnon: chikkou: honestly so many Gamers ™ are so blatantly racist and homophobic that sonicfox not only winning the esports award last night (in a FURSUIT NO LESS), and then proceeding to snatch them all by their grey hairs in his speech was so fucking ballsy and i am honestly so proud of him … Continue reading

p0tbarbie: p0tbarbie: showerheadperc: p0tbarbie: Men think it’s ruder for a woman to say “don’t interrupt me” than it is for them to interrupt her in the first place id probably call that ruder. Jus cause I interrupt someone don’t mean I was mentally thinking bout cutting this annoying ass bitch off. it just so happened … Continue reading

cwote: “Stop what you are doing. Go outside and breathe. The world will not end if you take ten minutes for yourself.” — taking time for yourself is important (via cwote)

yourbigsisnissi: the older i get the more it’s clear that being smart doesn’t get you very far if you’re not disciplined. there are tons of people who are brilliant but not disciplined. they have amazing ideas but cannot finish a project. they are creative and innovative but cannot execute a plan. i see how important … Continue reading

flowerais: a gentle reminder that you did well this year. you met new people, learned new things and felt new feelings. you did so many things that made you scared. you picked yourself up off the floor after feeling completely defeated or heartbroken. there were some really tough nights but you survived them all. you … Continue reading

wolfhero28: thespectacularspider-girl: excessively-english-jd: djn-001-kunai-man: excessively-english-little-b: valentineart89: whoreablejewess: babyanimalgifs: I didn’t know cheetahs meow I’ve always thought they roar my whole life has been a lie Ok but the other one is purring so hard If I ever don’t reblog this assume I’m dead Fun fact: technically, because of its inability to roar and its ability … Continue reading