azsurance: There has been monster clerics surfacing recently:1. 5013 Block, 1308 Strike Resist, 2364 Magic Suppression, 2448 Magic Resist, 23084 HP2. 2513 Magic Suppression, 3708 Magic Resist, 521 Spell Resist, 20161 HPWe’re certainly coming back to one full circle where players will cry “nerf clerics” and then NCsoft will raise stat caps even higher for attackers.

dunlishtv: snowwhiteeyes: dunlishtv: kiidneythieves: beyondtyria: dunlishtv: I think instead of thinking of a MS set i should focus on my block set first. then maybe i’ll use the things i drop as skin for my block set? (then again that’s such a waste) Hehe Gosh i literally don’t know what i’m doing?? Tried looking at … Continue reading