yukitank: snowwhiteeyes: yukitank: is this for real lol????????!??!?!?!?!?!??!  …….…………how….? idk I’m literally blessed by broker, one of these days ill find another one without trying lmao. its usually my first visit to broker, where everything is unsorted, I’d see a skin that’s on really low. lol share your blessings please o.o

deviouslywicked: Costume: Dashing Uniform from BCM (Dyed Bright Red & Punky Pink)Helm: School Cap, Dashing Uniform Hat from BCMHarp: Black Cat Harp from Sneaky Shugo in SauroHarp: Sea Serpent Harp from BCM (Limited Time / Seasonal)

tumblycactus: Sea Feast top with Primal Spirit Hat, Modor Chain pants. Innocent Iris Gloves and Primal Spirit Shoes (skin version), wanted to try matching it with Beritra Chain shoes but none on broker :c NO SHOULDERS, nothing matches, I actually do want the pretty flowy looking shoulders quite badly xD Probably will try to get … Continue reading